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Support Group event support group - logo Worldclass event support

Support Group event support group - logo Worldclass event support

Event support

Worldclass Event Support. The Support Group helps organize the largest events in the world. The Support Group was founded in 2009 as part of the ID&T Group. This (at the time) internal department had the goal of combining the Operational Team and various production companies with professional expertise, establishing synergy between them.

Teaming up these specialists has led to the production of highly prestigious dance events, both nationally and internationally

In 2010, due to this progressive, international way of operating was rewarded with the Dutch Logistics Prize (Nederlandse Logistiek Prijs).

After a long period that saw the founder of The Support Group, Marcel Elbertse working as the Operational Director within ID&T Group, his entrepreneurial nature led to him embracing a new opportunity in 2017,

event production Mysteryland

which was taking over ID&T’s The Event Support Group together with partners Dick van Berkum, Duncan Stutterheim and Joris Joosen – themselves experienced entrepreneurs within the events sector.

The information exchange and cooperation between strongly differing disciplines like Décor, Food & Beverages, and Production leads to innovative steps that further professionalize the events landscape on an operational level, event support is what The Support Group aspires to do.

The Support Group brings together partner companies that are experts in their respective fields. They are supported with advice and entrepreneurial insights where necessary, with the aim of raising the events sector to a higher level.


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event support group - DE LOODS IS HET EVENEMENTEN VERHUURBEDRIJF VAN NEDERLAND Van gekleurde tenten tot poncho’s, van bar tot meubilair. Je kunt het zo gek niet bedenken of De Loods verhuurt of verkoopt het benodigde product voor jouw evenement.
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Recent press

Volkskrant: From Dance Party to Disaster Area

Organizing a festival is a profession. And you can exploit that expertise internationally like the Support Group in Amsterdam does. Even in refugee camps. What is the difference between a music festival and a refugee camp? The line between them is fading for the Support Group.

We offer world-class event support

By focusing all his attention on The Event Support Group, Marcel Elbertse has begun a new chapter in his career. He not only wants to give the world of (live) entertainment a new impulse, but also spread his wings. The ultimate goal is for all organisations that fall under The Support Group’s banner to be among the best in the world. “It would be fantastic if the name ‘The Support Group’ were to be seen as a hallmark of quality.”

Backbone International expands into Indonesia

Over the last ten years, technical production company Backbone International has grown into a leading global player. After opening offices in Amsterdam, New York and Hong Kong, the company now turns to the Indonesian capital, Jakarta.

Moneycomb interviewed by Quote magazine

We were interviewed by Dutch business and lifestyle magazine Quote about our new company Moneycomb. In the interview founders Guido van den Berk and Michael van Elswijk tell about what it is to venture in a market that changes with the speed of light.

House of Drinks offers the full package

Founded last year, House of Drinks wants to become the biggest and best supplier of beverages in the festival and event industry. “We stand out through our high-quality service, advice and innovation.”

YOUR-Productions wants to be the best

As an event organiser specialized in catering for large-scale events, YOUR-Productions is happy to help their clients. “We’re the fastest-growing catering agency in the Netherlands, and we have to keep developing our content.”

Growing in line with requirements and creating a memorable show

Brok Decor handles the set and stage design for the largest national and international events and festivals. The company is even more booming at the moment. As a result clients always come back to us because we honour our agreements and take care of everything for them.

De Loods "Everything you need for a great party"

From colourful tents to ponchos and from bars to furniture: whatever you need for your event, you can rent or buy it from De Loods. Owner Teun Lelie: “Our end product is all about happy people.”

SOLID tackles
personnel shortage
in the events sector

SOLID aims to tackle the chronic shortage of good personnel for festivals and events by bringing together interesting young people and festival organisers. “Getting people to work behind the bar is the ideal way to discover their talents.”

The succes story of Backbone International

Technical production company Backbone International has grown into a large international player in just six years. Managing director Joris Joosen talks about Backbone’s ambitions. “It was and still is our dream to create a worldwide network of specialists.”


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